To encourage different community stakeholders to join hands in building an age-friendly city that can cater for the needs of all ages, the "Jockey Club Age-friendly City Partnership Scheme" has been launched again in 2022. Companies, government departments or public organisations which have adopted age-friendly practices or provided products or services catering for the needs of the elderly are welcome to join and will receive a set of certificate and stickers as recognition. The Scheme is closed for application on 30 Dec 2022. For more details, please visit Scheme 2022.

Six Special Awards have been designed under the Scheme to recognise companies or organisations which demonstrate outstanding performance in promoting an age-friendly culture. They include Age-friendly Employer Award, Age-friendly Facilities Award, Age-friendly Business Innovation Award, Age-friendly Collaborator Award, Our City’s Story Award and My Favourite City Partnership Scheme Award. To encourage public participation and discover more inspiring stories, Our City’s Story Award is open for public nomination this year. You can submit the nomination ONLINE or download the Nomination Form.

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