Scheme Mechanism and Awards

Scheme Mechanism and Awards

The Scheme is composed of two parts:

Part I – City Partnership Scheme Sticker

All companies, government departments and public bodies which operate and have registered in Hong Kong are welcome to join the Scheme. Participating companies or organisations should have already adopted at least ONE age-friendly practice or activity or provide product(s) or service(s) catering for the needs of elderly people.

A set of certificate and age-friendly stickers (as below) will be distributed to all eligible companies or organisations in order to recognise their participation and contribution in promoting an age-friendly culture in Hong Kong. The stickers can be displayed at their offices, stores, branches, corporate website, promotion materials and social media platforms.

Part II – Special Awards

To recognise companies or organisations which demonstrate outstanding performance in promoting an age-friendly culture, seven Special Awards have also been designed under the Scheme.

Seven Special Awards

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